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The Pratt & Miller C6RS

Conceived, designed, developed and constructed by the championship-winning Pratt & Miller team, the Corvette C6RS bristles with sophisticated materials and race-inspired technology. Pratt & Miller can take your Corvette Z06 and transform it into a C6RS supercar. The aggressively styled lightweight body, made entirely of carbon fiber, measures 1.6 inches wider than a production Corvette Z06. The carbon fiber front fascia has integrated brake ducts and ram air induction. Aerodynamic enhancements include functional front fender louvers, a carbon fiber under wing and rear diffuser, enlarged front wheel vents and rear brake ducts, an integrated rear spoiler, and a front splitter.

Powered by a Thompson Automotive 7-liter Super Charged all-aluminum small-block V-8 engine that produces 750 horsepower and 820 lb.-ft. torque, yet idles at 650 RPM. The Pratt & Miller Corvette C6RS employs a purpose-built carbon fiber body to reduce weight and improve aerodynamic efficiency. A computer-controlled adjustable suspension system, center-nut forged aluminum BBS wheels with Michelin tires, and massive Brembo Monobloc disc brakes enhance vehicle dynamics. A two-tone leather interior and a comprehensive sound control system produce a quiet, comfortable environment for driver and passenger.

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